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 5 Easy Steps That Anybody Can Use To Find, Buy And Profit From Investment Properties In High Growth Areas...
 The 3 costly reasons why people are investing in underperforming suburbs... And how to avoid these ‘Portfolio Killers’ yourself…
 How to use ‘the 2% increment rule’ to uncover the next suburbs set to boom… (before they're on every investor's radar)
 How to search new areas as quickly as possible, without sacrificing months of family time, or turning your lifestyle completely upside down…
Warning! Are You Making The #1 Most Common Mistake Investors Make?
After observing thousands of investors, 
the #1 most common mistake investors make is:

A: They invest in the wrong suburbs.
I call these under-performing suburbs...
Portfolio Killers
Because these suburbs simply DO NOT have the characteristics of investment grade suburbs...
So WHY ON EARTH do people to choose to invest in these portfolio killing areas?...
From what I have observed, there are 3 main underlying problems that are nearly always present in these costly decisions. 

And unfortunately, these 3 factors together can have a real domino effect on the success of building your property portfolio... 

And ultimately reaching your financial goals.

In this special free training I will share with you a proven system for pinpointing precisely which suburbs to invest in, so you can keep purchasing properties and grow your portfolio with absolute confidence (and minimal risk).
Jane Slack-Smith
Property Expert
About Jane Slack-Smith
Jane Slack-Smith is a respected author, media commentator and property coach.

Jane has been named one of the Top 10 Property Experts by Money Magazine, one of the Top 4 Financial Influencers by Qantas, been awarded the Australia's Mortgage Broker of the Year (twice!) and been profiled on the ABC's Australian Story TV program. 

Jane is passionate about helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through accelerated, low-risk, property investment.
"Last night’s webinar was unbelievable! This was the first time I had joined a Webinar and I didn't know what to expect. I couldn't believe that as a successful business person like you would be willing to share that much time and information to a group of people for free. I came to work this morning raving about it and have passed on your details to various colleagues.

This was the best 2 hours I have spent on my laptop for a long time.

Again thank you

- Troy Luscombe 
"Your webinar last night was fantastic - the way you showed us all the free web resources out there (plus your skills in quickly extracting what you wanted) was awesome. It was the best property webinar I have ever attended. All I would like now is to get more practise in using those tools."

- Richard Martin 
"I had a great time on the webinar! It was a fantastic way to gain some new information. I can't wait for the next one!

I’ve been investing in property for 15 years now and have reached the half-way point to my financial freedom goals. With the sort of tools and information shared last night I'm confident the second half of my journey will be much shorter!"

- Daniel Offermann 
"Thank you so much for your sharing your passion, experience and knowledge with us.

I found the information invaluable and you have given me confidence to know where to begin with assessing an area and property."

- Jennifer Wilson 
"Thanks Jane for yesterday's webinar, I found it to be of an amazing value and I believe you should do it more often. I have been in property investment for 2 years but did not know some of the websites you have demonstrated to us yesterday. Thanks again!"

- Dima Belousov 
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